Full Length Plays

Catia Ojeda (Ruby), Ean Sheehy (Jonas) and Matt Kalman (Hank) in the World Premiere Production of IT IS DONE, November 2011

Three strangers trapped in a bar in the middle of nowhere fight off a windstorm and their own pasts.   2 male, 1 female - 85 minutes

  • Staged Reading, APAC The 15/20s staged reading series, Astoria NY (2011)
  • Staged Reading, Dramatists Guild Friday Night Footlights Series, NYC (2011)
  • World Premiere, produced by 22QEntertainment and GoAlleyCat Productions, NYC (2011)
  • West Coast premiere, Hollywood CA (2012) -  named one of L.A.'s best shows of the year
  • Published, Original Works Publishing (2017)
  • Regional premiere, Theatre in the Park, Raleigh NC (2018)
  • Theatre40, Beverly Hills, CA (2019)

Olivia Fitts (Ruby) in the Theatre in the Park, Raleigh NC production (2018)


The people of a small town pin their hopes on their librarian who has a gift that could land her on TV's most popular talent competition.

Megan Tusing, Catia Ojeda and Jeff Wolf at Railroad Playhouse, October 2012

  • Staged reading, July 2011, Railroad Playhouse, Newburgh, NY
  • World Premiere, Railroad Playhouse, Newburgh NY (2012)

Inspired by the Tower of David Building in Caracas, Venezuela, which was left unfinished and became home to thousands of squatters, Mayor of the 85th Floor is a dystopian tale about a young woman who is one of hundreds of squatters living in the Empire State Building in the near future. This play explores what happens to a city irreparably damaged by storms and financial ruin, and how the people in this environment survive after our government no longer has the resources to take care of its own. 115 minutes, 2 F, 4 M, 1 Any

  • Semifinalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference (2016)
  • Staged Reading, The Actors Studio P/D Unit, West Hollywood CA (2016)
  • Staged Reading, Antaeus Theatre Company, Glendale CA (2018)
  • Semifinalist, Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Festival (2018)
  • Semifinalist, Epiphanies New Works Festival, Waco TX (Summer 2021)

A comedy about multiple seductions where everybody’s getting some… except Gary.  3 male, 3 female – 90 minutes

From left: Katie Kreisler, Shane Jacobsen, Ean Sheehy,Marion Wood, Ron Palillo, and Monica Yudovich in the MITF Production

  • World Premiere, Midtown International Theater Festival, New York NY (2007).  Received six Best of the Fest Nominations and won Outstanding Playwriting of a New Script and Best Supporting Actress (Katie Kreisler)
  • Semifinalist, Trustus Playwrights Festival (2007)
  • Finalist, Rover Secondworks (2015)

(Musical) – Book by Alex Goldberg, Music by Joel Stein, Lyrics by Alex Goldberg and Joel Stein.

A liberal, womanizing president runs for re-election against a dim but charismatic conservative senator.  His campaign would be smooth if it wasn’t for his overly ambitious wife, his disgruntled son, a mysterious White House intern, a pantsless foreign dignitary, and three dead presidents as counsel.  6 male, 5 female – 2 hours, 10 minutes

The ensemble cast of the World Premiere Production, American Theater of Actors, New York NY, 2005


  • Finalist, O'Neill Musical Theatre Conference (2004)
  • World Premiere, Produced by Jointed Stock Theater Alliance. American Theater of Actors, New York NY (2005)
  • Winner, ASCAPlus Songwriting Awards (2005, 2006)

A dark psychological comedy about a man, his girlfriend, and their new 14-year-old daughter.  1 male, 2 female – 90 minutes

Lauren Cook, Mather Zickel, and Megan Tusing in the FringeNYC production

  • World Premiere, New York International Fringe Festival, New York NY (2007)
  • Staged reading Mind the Gap Productions, Chicago IL (2010)

A dark comedy about Marvin Black, the final survivor of the Holocaust, and the journey he takes after his death.  6 male, 3 female – 1 hour, 45 minutes

  • Semifinalist, The Dorothy Silver Playwriting Competition (2007)
  • Staged reading: Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) The 15/20s: Staged Reading of New Works series, Astoria NY (2009)
  • Semifinalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference (2009)

One Act Plays

Talented craftsman Joseph Kurtz arrives at the palatial Murphy Ranch ready to carve an ornate balustrade for the estate's magnificent staircase, but the job turns out to be more complicated than he realized. Set in 1939 and based on a true story, this is a chilling piece of Los Angeles' hidden history.

1 f, 2 m - 22 minutes

Christopher Parker, Dey Young and Patrick Quinlan in the Greenway Theater's Workshop Production (2016)

To add some spark to their marriage, David and Eliza have made an agreement where they can sleep with other people. And while David was the instigator of this agreement, it becomes clear that Eliza is benefiting from it much, much more...

  • Workshop Production, Greenway Court Theater, West Hollywood CA (2016)
  • World Premiere, Theatre Southwest FOO Fest (Festival of Originals, Houston TX (2019)
  • WINNER - Dubuque Players One Act Play Competition (2019)
  • Short List, Sky Blue Theatre British Theatre Challenge (2019)
  • Mid-Atlantic Premiere, Stage Door One Act Festival, Fredericksburg VA (2020) (POSTPONED BY COVID-19)
  • Short List, Subtext at Earl of Derby Short Play Festival (2020)

Inspired by true events. In the spring of 1925 in Glendale, California founding father Leslie Brand has passed and his widow, Mary Louise Brand, arrives at her attorney's office for what is meant to be a straightforward reading of the will. But who is this other woman in attendance?

2 f, 1 m - 29 minutes

  • World Premiere, Antaeus Theatre Company's Zip Code Plays, a radio play series commissioned by the theater (2021)

Bradley is getting ready for his third date with Angela, when he receives a surprise visit…from his father…who is dead.  2 male, 1 female – 28 minutes.  Available for purchase here.

  • World Premiere, Pittsburgh New Works Festival (2008)
  • New York Premiere, The Goldberg Variations - Sticks and Stones Productions (2008)
  • Published, Original Works Publishing (2010)
  • Midwest Premiere, Raconteur Theater, Columbus OH (2011)

It’s 4am. The sex was great. What could possibly go wrong? 
1 male, 1 female – 30 minutes.   Available for purchase here.

  • Staged reading, New Ground Theater Collective Reading Series, New York NY (2009)
  • World Premiere: Clandestine: an Evening of One-Act Plays by New Ground Theater Collective in Planet Connection Festivity, New York NY (2010).  Nominated for four awards: Outstanding Playwriting of a One-Act, Best Actor in a One-Act, Best Actress in a One-Act, and Outstanding Production of an evening of One-Acts.
  • Published, Original Works Publishing (2010)
  • Production, Railroad Playhouse, Newburgh NY (2011)

Ten Minute Plays

An American, A French-Canadian and a Cuban gather in the safe house and try to figure out what went wrong. 3M - 0F


A mother, a son, a nice day, and a not so nice conversation.  1 male, 1 female.  

  • World Premiere, The Internationalists Directors Collective, Taiwan (2009) TRANSLATED INTO MANDARIN
  • U.S. Premiere, Emerging Artists Theatre Spring EATFest, New York NY (2010)
  • Archived in the permanent holdings of the Eileen Heckart Drama for seniors archives, Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State University
  • West Coast Premiere, Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro CA (2011)
  • Talking It Out Festival (ONLINE), New York NY (2020)
  • Second Place, Fringe Black Box Theatre Festival (2021)
  • New Works Festival, Black Box Performing Arts Center, Englewood NJ (2021)

Mary-Margaret Lewis (Beverly) and Scott G. Hartman (Jeremy), Little Fish Theatre, 2011 (Photo: Mickey Elliot)

In the secluded woods outside of town, two teenage lovers discuss their relationship and the difficult repercussions. Inspired by the play THE VISIT by Friedrich Durrenmatt. 
1 F, 1 M, 2 ANY

  • Staged Reading, Antaeus Theater Company, North Hollywood CA (2016)
  • Semifinalist, Minnesota Shorts Festival (2017)
  • Finalist, Gaslight-Baker One Act Play Contest (2020)
  • Finalist and Published, 2022 Stage It! 10-Minute Play Festival  (2022)
  • Produced as a short film (2023)
  • World Premiere Stage Production, Our Home States Series, Broom Street Theater, Madison WI (2023)

  • New York Premiere, International Human Rights Arts Festival, The Tank Theater, NYC (2023)

IHRAF Production (photo by Robin Michals)

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