A dark comedy / daytime noir about a woman who comes to Los Angeles after her mother dies to find her missing sister. Stars Catia Ojeda, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Milena Govich, John Sloan, Tom Choi and Dee Wallace. The movie won seven awards at six festivals, including Best Feature at D.C. Independent Film Fest and The Valley (L.A.) Film Festival, and Audience Choice Award for Best Film at Austin Indie Fest and Manhattan Film Festival. It is distributed by Indie Rights and available for free on Amazon Prime, TubiTV, Roku, and available for rental or purchase on Google Play and YouTube. Written and directed by Alex Goldberg.

Unforseen consequences of lost love echo tragically across generations.

A New York Sci-Fi Fantasy feature, co-written with Sammy Buck and Erin Hill, was directed by Elizabeth Lucas.

World Premiere: Boston SciFi Fest (February 2015). Now available on Amazon Prime.
More information can be found at the movie's official website or on IMDB.

A Dream. A Day job. An existential comedy.

Movie poster image designed by Phil Ristaino

College friends Max and Martin were stars as actors in college, and make the move to New York to face their imminent stardom. However, reality brings their dreams to a grinding halt, as both suffer through day jobs and boredom. Facing little success in show business, they decide to put up their own show, their own way.

Directed by Alex Goldberg. Written by Matt Kalman and Marc Lesser. Starring Matt Kalman, Marc Lesser, Sarah Zoe Canner, Phil Ristaino, and featuring Billy Dee Williams.

More information can be found on IMDB.

A drama about a mass shooting in development with Amaru Films.

A teen comedy set in an amusement park after closing. Developed by 13 Stories Productions, Sunset Gower Studios, Hollywood, CA. 

A family comic thriller. Developed by 13 Stories Productions, Sunset Gower Studios, Hollywood, CA.


A comic thriller about a viral epidemic in a small Colorado town that turns everyone neanderthal. Developed by Mirror Core Productions.


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